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I have helped many companies and their expat families with settling them into their new country. Many times it’s the hardest for the wife to find her way in a new country. I guess we all know the saying: Happy wife, happy life…. but don’t underestimate an unhappy wife, because 67 percent of failed expats postings end due to an unhappy family member. But also for teenagers can it be very difficult to settle into a new country with a different culture from back home.

Family reasons are the #1 cause of failure during an assignment

How to cope with different cultures in your new country

A third culture child

You grew up in one culture, your parents came from another culture and you are now living in a different country. No wonder that you sometimes feel like an outsider, lonely and confused.
But it can also be a big advantage, and you can have many benefits from being/ or having a multicultural child.
With my positive mindset can I help you to become positive and I will get you a more flexible understanding about your international background.

Relationship challenges

Most important job for the expat adventure to succeed is that you come home to a happy partner. But it seems easier said than done.
Some families decide that it’s best for the children to send them to a boarding school and that will naturally cause some new challenges for the whole family.
The unbalanced between two partners, where only one of them are working can also be difficult and cause some emotional stress and frustration.

Loneliness & Homesick

Most expat have felt like an outsider and lonely in a new country far from home.
It can be very unhealthy for your mind-set and it can ruin your self-esteem if you gets a negative start in your new country.
You are missing your family, neighbours, colleagues and friends and of top of that are you also exposed to all kind of practical challenges.
Worst case can it destroy your marriage, lose your job or the whole family will be effected with the negative vibes.
Don’t run away from reality but use your focus with me on a game plan to a happier life as an expat.