I know what I’m talking about

To get the opportunity to try and be an expat (family) can be an incredible adventure and often does it come with a privilege lifestyle with many benefits.
BUT it can also be very lonely, painful and cause severe emotional pressure in the family.

For 28 years have I lived and worked around the world in SEA with my family.

Somehow people was always thinking that our life was easier, because the sun was shining 365 days a year where we lived.

That statement is so far from the truth, and it was sadly often difficult to receive mercy from our friends and family “back home” about our everyday problems as an expat family with two children.

In my career as a International Motivation Coach & Trusted Adviser have I work with

  • expat families, mostly spouses who were having a hard time settling in a new country and finding their own identity
  • Teenagers who are struggling in school, starting to do Self-Harm
  • Motivation talks at International Schools about how to fit into a new culture
  • Loneliness
  • Homesick
  • Family Coach for companies with expat families
  • Help couples with dealing with divorce in a new country
  • Trusted adviser and outplacement
  • Motivation Coach at Hospitals for expats with stress & depression

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Charlotte Linnebjerg
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